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Site Survey Required

Site Survey Required

How to use the Coverage Map

TeleBarbados is pleased to present you the consumer with our Wireless Internet Coverage Map application, this map is to aid anyone who wishes to receive our internet service to quickly locate their home and see if they are within range of our wireless antennas by using the application above to do so.

How to locate your home

All you have to do is to start typing in your main address in the “Enter a location” field above and you should see a pop up with your main address i.e. “Dash Valley, Barbados”.

Click on that name and a Red Marker will appear on the map with a word balloon. Use the middle mouse button to zoom into the map,

or the plus(+) and minus(-) tabs on the zoom slider to your right. Move the Red Marker onto where your house is located. To scroll the map just left click and drag.

Entering your contact details

Once you have located your home you a ready to enter your contact details into the form provided to right of the Coverage Map. Fill out the form with your details and left click the submit button.

What next?

That's it! One of our service representatives will contact you with regards to our Wireless Internet Service.